Something a little different – to introduce youngsters to opportunity & joy of owning their own original artwork. These will be priced from $10 to $60.  It may be that some encouragement & funding assistance is required from parents/grandparents! But we want the kids themselves to choose the artwork. Names of artists will be obscured on the work but listed by the front door.
Donor artists so far include: Sarah Ford, Mark Fieldgate, Lynne Lambert,  Janey Lovell-Smith, Denise Montgomery, Annette Moore, Svetlana Orinko, Dave Tait, Nancy Tichborne, Fred Tunnicliffe & Hugh Wilson (signed prints).
Other artists will have their work on sale – with a 10% commission going to the hospital fund.
A $2 raffle (limited to 100 tickets) with several originals as prizes too. This so that children with a limited budget don’t feel left out!

Father Christmas will be in attendance Saturday afternoon.