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  $60p.a   Highlighted Web Page/Membership allows two images and a 25 word statement.
  $110p.a. Profiled
Web Page/Membership allows six images and a 100 word statement.
 One image to show at the top of the Home Page Scrolling Banner position. (Additional $50pa, more detail below) 
 We wish to feature on our local Art Trail map. (Free)
 We have read and accept the Terms & Conditions of Entry on the Arts Canterbury website. I declare that any work that I have submitted for inclusion in the site is not in breach of anyone else's copyright, or in any other way in breach of the law; I will indemnify Arts Canterbury against liability should that be the case.

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On receipt, ACI will request your images and other information. ACI will invoice you at the appropriate rate.

Note our membership year is 1 January to 31 December

  • $60pa. allows for two images being one of your organisations logo or photo of your premises and one other image, contact information, 25 word statement, an arts trail map placement, quarter page feature in the  "Artists of Canterbury" DLE guide booklet (closing date applies) and ability to post your exhibitions.
  • $110pa. gives you six images being one of your logo or gallery 'frontage' and five other relevant pictures, contact information, 100 words, an Art Trail placement plus a half page feature in the Art Guide booklet (closing date applies) and the ability to post your Events and Exhibitions.
  • The above website fees includes the annual subscription currently $35
  • A scrolling home page image banner placement costs an additional $50pa. 
  • Maintenance - the annual fee includes reasonable changes to your entries.
  • For those that seek greater prominence for their entries please contact


  • Up to ten banners are available on the Home Page for those that seek greater prominence for their entries.
  • The banners scroll automatically and repeatedly across the Home Page, each showing for a few seconds.
  • Clicking on a banner image will take the viewer to the entry showing at the time.
  •  Requests for profile banners will be taken in order of application.

Terms and Conditions of Entry
The information in this section contains the terms and conditions under which listings are accepted. When you submit a listing form to be included on the Arts Canterbury website, it is understood that you have read and accept these. Arts Canterbury reserves the right to vary the Terms and Conditions. In such case, any changes will be made known through the website.
Privacy Act NZ. - By becoming a member of Arts Canterbury Inc. you are giving  Arts Canterbury Inc. your authority to list and show personal contact details,
Listings are open to all Canterbury galleries and Community Art Groups. There are, however, some requirements that are summarised in the following definitions –
Art is as defined in the Arts Council of New Zealand Toi Aotearoa Act 1994 – "Arts includes all forms of creative and interpretative expression". While this definition is inclusive, the site is to profile original artwork. Therefore, it would exclude mass-market commercial art, reproducers of other artists' work and pre-purchased manufactured items. Whilst taking an inclusive and liberal attitude, Arts Canterbury reserves the right to reject work that it considers offensive and unsuitable for general public viewing.

Canterbury is that area of New Zealand that is bounded by the Clarence River in the north, the Waitaki River in the south and the main divide of the Southern Alps in the west; and comprises the local authorities of Ashburton, Christchurch (including Banks Peninsula), Hurunui, Kaikoura, McKenzie, Selwyn, Timaru, Waimakariri and Waimate.

A Canterbury Artist is one who has a particular association with the region, be it by way of residency, education or reputation. For an artist currently living outside the region, a significant body of work needs to have been created in or from this relationship with Canterbury. Most importantly, in keeping with the intent of the website, work by the artist must be able to be accessed for viewing or purchasing from within the Canterbury region.

A Canterbury Gallery is one which is located in the Canterbury region of New Zealand, regardless of the origin of the art shown in it, or which, if located outside of the Canterbury region, includes art by Canterbury artists.

General Conditions

  • Arts Canterbury reserves the right to edit provided information. Any changed text or image will be referred back to the gallery before entering on the website.
  • Arts Canterbury reserves the right to reject any supplied images that are considered unsuitable or which are of inferior quality, or to remove any image or text which for any reason is in question. .
  • Privacy Act NZ. - By becoming a member of Arts Canterbury Inc. you are giving  Arts Canterbury Inc. your authority to list and show personal contact details,
  • Any information entered on the website is considered to be public information that Arts Canterbury may pass on to casual inquirers, and use in its own publicity and membership communications. However, images will not be reproduced in other than the profile of the artist/gallery without permission of the copyright holder.
  • Arts Canterbury accepts no responsibility for any unauthorised copies made by other persons of images on the site.
  • Artists may include links to their own, but no other, sites.
  • Arts Canterbury will not enter into discussion with a third party with respect to classifications.

The images on this site are the property of the artist or gallery and cannot be used without their permission.



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