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Keith Morant

I have been a painter for over 50 years and while I have been fortunate to hold my main exhibitions in Europe and America, my home and studio is in Christchurch. My work is an effort to express the universal through the specific and to this end my paintings are often informed by music and literature. It is my wish that my work, while initially seen only by the eye, will eventually be assimilated by mind, thus proving conducive to some small expansion of human conscious awareness.
My studio is always open to those interested in viewing.
District: Christchurch North
Type: Artist
Artwork Types: Painting
Website: www.morantart.com
Contact Info: 55 North Avon Road, Richmond, Christchurch
Phone: 03 9816355
Mobile: 021 0222 1224
Email: info@keithmorant.com

Artworks showing below, reading from left to right.
CANTICLE TO THE SUN.... Oil on canvas, 120 x 800mm
DIAGNOSIS.... Mixed media on stretched canvas, 765 x 765mm
NEW FRUIT....Mixed media on stretched canvas, 760 x 1015mm
NOSTRUM ....Mixed media on stretched canvas, 765 x 765mm
TONIC.... Mixed media on stretched canvas, 765 x 765mm (Award winner at Manhattan Arts International exhibition, New York

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