Frederika Ernsten

Frederika Ernsten

Frederika Ernsten

Form, function and finish


Phone 03 313 6509

Important to her craft is Form, function and finish of her own, her students’ work and the teaching of the craft to other interested people in order for this craft to survive. The Christchurch City Council presented Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth with one of Frederika’s bowls in 1993 during her Majesty’s visit to Christchurch and selected a large vase as a gift to the sister city of Kurashiki in Japan in 1998.

An Art Excellence Award in 1998 enabled her to travel throughout Australia to visit and study studio potters over there.

Frederika has exhibited extensively all over New Zealand and her work is represented in New Zealand museums, Art Galleries, City Councils, Foreign Affairs and Embassies in Tokyo and Brussels.

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