Geoff Cloake

Geoff Cloake

Geoff Cloake

Photorealist Photographer


Address 16 Te Weka Street, Timaru
Phone 03 688 8106

Ever-changing shows of atmospheric light over our diverse landscape compel Geoff to hunt regularly for unique sights.

Thinking of himself as a photorealist photographer he finely manipulates his prints to emphasise his feelings of natural wonder and awe. Reality easily surpasses into abstract, to propel his most creative work.

Photography has been Geoff’s passion since youth, taking him along many paths including exhibiting, tutoring, judging, guest speaking and authoring. His love for the outdoors now focuses on fine art printing, publishing, lecturing, and tutoring. Thinking of himself as a photorealist photographer he also enjoys creating stimulating abstractions to propel his excitement about visual and emotional experiences. Interested in both nature and humanities, his photography is as extensive as anything a camera can picture. Geoff is most compelled by diverse landscapes and regularly goes out hunting to ‘capture’ New Zealand’s tremendous sights. To Geoff, the land is merely a stage to be watched for something to happen. With great patience, timing and amazing atmospherics, shows become incredible and ever changing. Geoff simply gathers all this uniqueness as computer data. The real art begins later as he finely manipulates his raw material into his ultimate expressions of natural wonder and awe.
Date and Place of Birth – 12 April 1954 – Timaru.

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