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Our mission - To foster appreciation of the visual arts in Canterbury and to provide support to artists who create art.

Arts Canterbury is committed to supporting the artists, art galleries and other art related businesses throughout Canterbury, New Zealand. As an incorporated charitable organisation, Arts Canterbury is governed by an elected executive committee, whose aim is to continue to provide a range of opportunities for all members.

Our purpose

The declared purpose of Arts Canterbury is to:

• Provide public opportunities for people in Canterbury to develop and appreciate a wide range of art media.
• Support artists in Canterbury to display and exhibit their art.
• Support the artistic communities, galleries and cultural environments in which art and artists can thrive and develop.
• Provide learning opportunities for artists and the public.
• Promote and support visual art and artists across Canterbury.

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Our Membership

Arts Canterbury members often talk about the sense of community and support that they have gained by becoming a member. The opportunities they receive as a member of Arts Canterbury include a variety of exhibitions throughout each calendar year, educational seminars and workshops, a members only facebook group and regular social meetups for members to interact with each other. The opportunity to have their art shared on the Arts Canterbury website and across the different social media platforms is also beneficial, especially for those who may be just starting out on their art journey.






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Featured Artist

Ros Huppert


From a very young age I had always known I had a love of drawing, painting, and art in general. Art was put on hold for many years while I brought my family up and then joined the workforce. Time was always an issue and as you most probably know, however, the right time eventually arrived. I retired! Making up for lost time I have continually painted every day for the last 3 years in my little corner of the lounge, eventually finding my love in oil paints, portraiture being my No1. I have found my niche in life……. I hope you love my work. My passion is on my canvases!

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Upcoming events

Bird Photography Workshop | Tricia Hewlett Art

30th September 2023 07:00am
to September 30, 2023 11:00 am

Banks Peninsula 7.00 am. Saturday, Sept 30, 2023. Join Tricia and Steve (Auldwood Birds) for a practical Bird Photography Workshop on […]

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Moving Still | Form Gallery

September 6

Opening Day: 5:30-7pm Wednesday 6 Sept, 468 Colombo St An exhibtion of uncommon ceramics awaits; please join us at 5:30pm on […]

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Bloom | Down by the Liffey Gallery

August 30
to October 1, 2023

Artists Briar Dann and Roger Heslop showcase texture and colour through bold brush strokes, blooming with passion as they explore […]

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