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Hannah Carpenter


I am a mixed medium portrait and landscape artist, using watercolours, acrylics, and oils to create colourful artworks. I started painting at a young age, and now as a working 24 year old it has become my therapeutic me time activity which I want to share with others.

There are two main subject matters in my work, women and land. Women are fierce, vibrant, misunderstood, and powerful. To be a human and to be a woman is so exciting and full, with a whole tapestry of emotions and thoughts and individuality lying beneath the surface. I portray this theme through strong eye contact, and the interweaving of swirls and patterns, flowers and fauna.

My landscapes on the other hand are about being ground and found in creation, in the land. People and land need each other, when I sit by a waterfall I feel it giving me life and excitement.

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