James YS Kim - Arts Canterbury

James YS Kim


Kia Ora.

I am delighted to communicate with the members of the Arts Canterbury and art lovers. I am a Korean Kiwi living with my family in Christchurch since 1996.

I paint with acrylic paints both on a drawing paper and on a stone. I have painted and sold some paintings of the landscapes of NZ and will paint not only NZ but also the world and beyond. I like painting nature and feel comfortable whenever I paint it because nature is my home where I come from and will return to.

I was lucky because my maternal grandfather was a famous painter both in Korea and Japan and I felt I was descended from some of his DNA.

I also enjoy writing calligraphy with brushes and ink, which is a traditional art in Korea, China, and Japan.

I hope all the art lovers feel happy together in the arts.

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