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Jane Downes


I am a full time Sculptor/Designer working from my home workshop in Little River. My Sculptures are constructed from parts plasma cut and formed from sheet steel, rather than working in the ‘full round’ – I call my style ‘2 1/2D’. This enables me to utilise scrap sheet metal and other discarded materials.

I exhibit at Galleries and major Sculpture events throughout NZ, undertake Sculpture Commissions and sell my smaller works online.

I am interested in feelings evoked by shape, form and pattern and how we react to scale and light. I use forms in my work that resonate with me, both natural and man made. Often common or from childhood, sometimes delicate and fleeting objects from nature, sometimes robust geometric forms from popular culture and industry.

I believe in making my work accessible and so most of my pieces are unlimited editions.

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PO Box 21
Little River 7546