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Christchurch-based artist Judith Billig originally hails from Germany and moved to New Zealand in 1999. Judith’s artistic focus primarily centres on creating vibrant abstracts and emotionally charged female portraits, which hold a special place in her heart.

Following an extensive career in the IT industry and raising a family, Judith redirected her focus towards her passion for art in 2009. Her artistic journey began as a glass beadmaker, exploring the interplay of colours and shapes in molten glass. In recent years, she has transitioned to visual art, where her work continues to be deeply influenced by her love for vibrant colours and rich textures.

Judith’s art aims to evoke a powerful emotional response in viewers. In her expressionist portraits, she breathes life into faces, capturing profound emotions and the stories etched into every line and expression. While her paintings can be thought-provoking and even challenging to engage with, they also convey a message of hope and resilience.

In recent months, Judith has ventured into oil painting, focusing on creating colourful landscapes in an open impressionism style that showcases the beautiful light and scenery of New Zealand.

Judith’s work has been featured in several exhibitions and galleries in California and has found a home in private collections across the US, Australia, and Europe. Her art invites us to explore the rich tapestry of human emotion, the power of colour, and the enduring strength that resonates within her captivating creations.

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