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Sarah Smith | Soul DeLight Photography


I became inspired by nature and the landscape as I hiked, camped and travelled around New Zealand and other parts of planet Earth. Initially, I picked up a camera to record these adventures and the landscapes, this soon developed into wanting to capture more than just a ‘snapshot’.

Honing my photography skills and craft in representational landscape photography I have recently begun to explore a more creative avenue. Using long exposures and in-camera techniques, I capture motion, colour, light, tone, shapes and forms that I observe in the landscape to create images that evoke a sense of emotion. I enjoy creating images that are both representational and abstract and find myself switching between these depending on my response to the landscape at the time.

I am an NZIPP Accredited Professional Landscape Photographer and was a New Zealand Professional Landscape Open Category Finalist in 2022 at the NZIPP IRIS Awards.

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