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Schira Withers


Abstract artist Schira Withers creates sculptural works that are thought provoking and expressive. They are meticulously sculpted on canvas, using a range of textural mixed media.


Each piece is an expression of her passion for nature and the human response to its environment. Schira builds a story on canvas, using shape and texture. Her colours flow, move and intertwine within the contours on the surface of the canvas and evoke our daily sights. She asks the viewer to engage with the depth of the textural form, to relax into the colour in all its hues and thus delve into a meditative moment.


She has exhibited widely throughout New Zealand and enjoyed building personal relationships with clients when a piece of her work is sold. If you would like to commission a piece that would suit precisely your home or commercial space, Schira would be delighted to discuss your requirements.

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