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Specialised Custom Picture Framer Cameo Fine Arts has provided a custom picture framing service in North Canterbury for over 40 years. Since 2008 Kirsty Watson has continued that tradition and enhanced the business with knowledge in other fields. 


Cameo is still New Zealand’s leading manufacturer of handcrafted oval, oblong, cathedral and round frames. These frames can be produced from Oak, Rimu, Pine or manufactured fibre boards. Convex glass can still be acquired for some frames to replicate the heirlooms of past generations. 


Quality workmanship in our custom picture framing and the manufacture of our frames is an important factor in ensuring the highest standard. Our staff are happy to advise you on the right way of framing each individual piece from children’s art through to valuable and sentimental items that require conservation or museum quality framing. 


Cameo supports local artists and is happy to discuss bulk deals.


  • Oak Oval and Round Frames
  • Memorabilia Framing
  • Original Arts
  • Prints
  • Needlework
  • NZ Paua Shell
  • Custom Framing
  • Jewellery
  • NZ Greenstone
  • Gifts
  • Souvenirs
  • Gallery
  • Medals

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03 313 5474


10 Cone Street
Rangiora 7400
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