Executive Committee

Wilson Henderson

Wilson Henderson is a fibre artist and works from his studio in Loburn. He has had many years  involvement in leadership and education roles in arts organisations, and  has held a number of exhibitions of his own work, and supported the mounting of many others. His aspiration for Artists of Canterbury is to create an inclusive, supportive environment that will support members to achieve their goals.  This should involve education opportunities as well as opportunities to exhibit work in a variety of exhibitions.  He believes Artists of Canterbury is in a strong position to be an effective voice for the arts in Canterbury.

Quilliam Collister

Quilliam Collister now sees himself as a professional, if part time, watercolour artist. A love of travel has seen him practising his art in Europe and at home, capturing architectural detail and the light and shadow.

Barbi Larkins

Barbi Larkins is an acrylic artist who enjoys experimenting which has resulted in a portfolio that is nearly as eclectic as the other facets of her life. As well as being a part time artist, Barbi is a full time marketing, graphic and web designer. She is based in the scenic Lyttelton Harbour region where she lives with her husband Roger.

Marie Rusbatch-Dawson

A potter since 1971, Marie now lives in Rangiora. She has worked with a wide variety of finishes and enjoys decorating.

Mandy Palmer

Waikuku artist Mandy Palmer enjoys creating figurative studies in a variety of mediums. Her white charcoal and graphite drawings are incredibly detailed, whereas she likes to take a looser approach when using watercolour paints. Mandy believes in “Artists supporting Artists”, and has been involved with the organisation of exhibitions for the Waikuku Artists Inc, and is one of the founding members of the Pegasus Bay Art Show committee.

Nikki Parker

Sandie Brown

Dave Shepherd