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Haruko Furukawa


Haruko Furukawa, 51 years

What medium(s) do you work in?
Acrylic, watercolour, Japanese art materials, black ink.

Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less.
I was born and raised in a traditional Japanese house, so one of my dreams is to introduce Japanese art to people around the world and move them. I believe that it is the artist's mission to depict the imaginary world that I saw when I was a child.

Who is your favourite artist (living or deceased!)?
Among the artists I discovered recently, I'm paying attention to Hua Tunan. The world he sees is close to the imaginary world I saw when I was a child. I have loved looking at paintings since I was a child, and there are many artists I like from both the West and Japan.

What were your reasons for joining Arts Canterbury?
When I went to a friend's exhibition, he recommended me to enter because it was very valuable, so I entered. I'm glad I started getting a lot of information. I would like to continue to connect with many people through Arts Canterbury.

What are three goals for your art this year?
- I'm taking on a big challenge this year. I will be participating in the World Championships of Performance Art, a performing art competition located in Los Angeles, USA. I would like to find an organiser that will help me grow my art projects.
- I have been painting a mural in my hometown of Osaka since April. There is not much mural art in Japan, so I would like to popularise mural art that entertains the streets like in New Zealand.
- The World Peace HaNa exhibition will be held at Pūmanawa The Arts Center Te Matatiki Toi Ora’s community exhibition space. A peaceful world powered by art. New Zealand - Japan Joint Exhibition. Twenty-seven years ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Christchurch. This open, creative city that honours history has captured my heart. I've always wanted to connect Japan and New Zealand via art and convey peace, therefore it's an honour to be able to organise a combined exhibit of New Zealand and Japanese artists, which will be supported by Christchurch Arts Creative. Opening Monday 21 October at 6-8pm. All are welcome. 22-27 Oct 10-5pm.

Describe your favourite piece of art you have created – and why it’s your favourite.
It's hard to decide for myself, but I like Cherry blossom’s works. Especially since everyone praises it. I love seeing everyone happy.

Anything else you want to tell us - funny story, about yourself or your art?
I established the road for my life by producing large-scale works. When I was an art student, a painting of big fireworks that I drew in the hopes of paving the way for me was published in a magazine. Following that, I was given a great opportunity to plan a solo exhibition. When I was 26 years old, I painted a large piece of art that overlapped the landscapes of New Zealand and Japan, wishing that it would allow me to travel back and forth between the two countries for arts jobs which is now happening. That is why, when I paint a large painting, I do so while imagining and hoping for the future.

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