Featured Artist

Tamar Guse

Tamar Guse. Age 32


What medium(s) do you work in?

Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less.
Tamar Guse is a fiber artist creating contemporary handwoven baskets and sculptures.

She is inspired by nature and her passion is weaving large-scale sculptural forms that echo the environment around her. Tamar teaches basket weaving workshops and her work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions throughout New Zealand.

Who is your favorite artist (living or deceased!)?
Laura Ellen Bacon – British large-scale sculptor using natural materials.

What were your reasons for joining Arts Canterbury?
For the community, promotion and opportunity for exhibitions

What are three goals for your art this year?
Create more large-scale sculptures, enter an art competition and try to secure a commission for a large-scale public art installation.

Describe your favorite piece of art you have created – and why it’s your favorite.
“It Flows” – this is an abstract piece and my favorite so far. I love it because of the sense of depth and the undulating forms. It reminds me of the landscape around us and the rivers running through it.


It Flows
Red Stag
Schools Out