Sam Young


Sam Young

What medium(s) do you work in?
I mostly work in Enamel spray paint, sometimes oils or acrylics or timber/glass/aluminium creations.

Tell us about yourself in 50 words or less.
I recently moved to Mandeville after living in Kaiapoi most of my life. I work full time as an aluminium joiner... I paint as often as I can. I'm also found out on hiking adventures and road trips taking photos and gathering creative material for my art. I have a strong diy ethos and love having the outlet of creativity that painting allows.

Who is your favourite artist (living or deceased!)?
My favourite artists are simply the people I know who are putting themselves out there and giving it their best shot and loving what they do . These are the people that inspire me to keep pushing forward and challenging myself.

What were your reasons for joining Arts Canterbury?
I didn't really have a choice, I was essentially held hostage at easel point until I was worn down enough to accept my fate.

What are three goals for your art this year?
To just keep improving what I'm doing, go bigger and brighter. To have an even more successful chch art show than last year. To be organised and not leave things until the last minute, no stress, more fun.

Describe your favourite piece of art you have created – and why it’s your favourite.
My favourite would probably be my big cloudy and gloomy forest ufo painting... I had intended it to be just a normal landscape scene and was happy with how it turned out... then I started thinking it was missing something. I like the idea of purposely adding something in that could either make or break it and could be the reason someone hates it or the reason someone loves it.

Anything else you want to tell us - funny story, about yourself or your art?

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