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1/2, 8/9 & 15/16 NOVEMBER 2025

The Arts Canterbury Open Studios provides a great opportunity for the public to interact with artists in their studio/workshops or galleries throughout Canterbury. Talk to artists one to one and learn more about their processes. See firsthand where some of them work.

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Visit artists, studios, workshops
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1/2, 8/9 & 15/16 NOVEMBER 2025

For three weekends during summer 2025 we’re hosting the Arts Canterbury Open Studios. Follow an interactive map to meet your favourite artists or apply to open your own studio to the public! Studios, workshops and galleries will be open 10am - 4pm daily.

Register as an artist, gallery or business

Registration will be in April. This event is open to ALL Canterbury artists and galleries. Arts Canterbury members receive a discount on the entry fee.

If you would like to know more information about becoming a member of Arts Canterbury click here.

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If you don’t have a dedicated studio space you can set up a display of your art in your home, garage, shed - almost any space will do! Or if that doesn’t work for you it is ok to share a space with another artist.


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The details

Arts Canterbury will organise advertising for this event including the following - printed flyers and signage at key locations, radio adverts, newspaper adverts and social media advertising. All advertising is being designed by a professional graphic designer.

Artists will be provided with digital poster files, social media tiles and banners to share across their networks. An Open Studios flag and directional signage will be provided for each location.

There will be an interactive map on a dedicated “Open Studios” page on the Arts Canterbury website in the lead up to and during the event. There will also be a downloadable PDF available for those that would prefer to have a list of the participants instead.

In April in Christchurch and Timaru Arts Canterbury will run an information session in Christchurch where participants can ask any questions they may have regarding the event. It will also be an opportunity for participants to meet with the other creatives involved and see who else is local to them.

The event takes place from 10am - 4pm daily. All involved are required to be open by 10am and not close any sooner than 4pm. It is our preference that you take part on all event weekends but this is not compulsory.

At the following link we will share any questions we are asked and have answered in relation to this event. Open Studios Questions



In Studio


For individual artists with a studio/display space where visitors can see your art and potentially see you at work.


in Shared Space


Where 2–5 artists share a site specifically for the Open Studios event. It is the responsibility of the artists to organise their own group and space.

Exhibition Space

Established Gallery


You will be a gallery whose main business is art, and open to the public at regular times during the year. During the Open Studios event most of the artwork in your gallery will be by local artists.

Exhibition Space

Art Society, Club or Guild


You are an incorporated society that supports a range of artists who live in your area. Your members may be emerging or hobby artists.

It is the responsibility of the gallery/art society to organise their own artists and exhibition space. Artists who are displaying in an Exhibition Space do not need to be there during the Open Studios event but ideally some will be on site. We find visitors love to talk to the artists about the art and the creative process, and it really does help sell your work.

It is strongly suggested that all artists demonstrate their craft as this is the concept behind open studios. The greater insight of what goes into the art provides great appreciation. The public wants to know the WHAT and the WHO behind the art - if you do not want to share a particular technique then we encourage you to share the stories behind your art instead.


Information to come when registration opens.

Terms & Conditions

For individual artists with a studio/display space where visitors can see your art and potentially see you at work.
The information I have provided is correct.
I am living in Canterbury.
I will be in my studio or workshop space from 10am to 4pm for the duration of each weekend that I am participating. A support person is recommended to support you throughout these long weekends.
I will endeavour to have past and present work available to show visitors my processes and development as an artist.
I understand that I am responsible for providing an interesting and safe experience for visitors to my studio/workshop.
All work for sale or on display is my own or in case of artists in a shared space, the other artist has registered as an artist with the Arts Canterbury Open Studio Event. Please label all artwork for sale with price.
You give permission for your images to be used to publicise the event. LIABILITY/INSURANCE: No liability, loss or damage will be accepted by Arts Canterbury Inc.
Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance and liability cover for the duration of the event.

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