Damon Puddy

Damon Puddy-Greenwood

Damon Puddy-Greenwood

Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand, Damon Puddy has been painting for over 30 years.

Now based in Australia, Puddy had the opportunity to learn from indigenous artists, and by just observing them work, proved a powerful inspiration that helped feed his artistic drive and passion which now lays in his works.

“This is just one of many of things that inspire me and I am very much in the same mindset about my approach to my painting. I let myself become in the now, my subconscious is what creates each painting”

Puddy’s work has been likened to that of Jackson Pollock, and while Damon wasn’t familiar with Pollock’s work when his style started to emerge, he has since found that coincidently Pollock and Puddy share the same birthday.

Puddy’s works have exhibited in boutique galleries in Australia and he was recently ask to show in Malian but could not. Damon has also sold his art collector’s works through both word of mouth and social media. His stunning creations can be purchased in New Zealand through his agent and also in Auckland on

He is currently represented in NZ by Lynne Puddy-Greenwood

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