Haruko Furukawa

Haruko Furukawa

Haruko Furukawa


Address Innes Rd, St. Albans, Christchurch
Phone 03 386 1745
Mobile 021 143 2549
Email harukofurukawa1@gmail.com
Website http://www011.upp.so-net.ne.jp/haruart/

I have an art project which connects art works of different generations and cultures with my art works to represent world peace in New Zealand and the USA.
I’d like to help society by sharing some of my art, such as murals as Christchurch city is rebuilt. Now I work with Christchurch City Council as an artist.

My paintings skillfully use Japanese traditional and Western art with my original style.

I teach art in my home and in many community groups.

My inspiration comes from before I was born and the future – coming beyond time and space.

You are welcome to my studio by appointment.Feel free to follow my Facebook and Instagram.

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