Kim Melhopt

Kim Melhopt

Kim Melhopt


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Kim Mehlhopt
Psychic Medium, Master Healer, Spiritual Life Coach.
And more recently – Artist!

My journey to this Sacred Art…

Take a girl who has never picked up a brush before, motivated by synchronicities, to challenge her limiting beliefs by attending an Art Retreat designed to “unlock the artist within” where Spiritual Connection and Sense of Self came together.

Encouraged by friends into this exciting new adventure, in a rarefied atmosphere, with a spiritually aware art tutor (Nemesh), access to a green and renewable lifestyle, vegetarian meals, development circles held in an authentic shamanic tepee, tribal music around an outdoor fire, meditation, eschewing the outside world for a few days – all enabling the ability to channel creativity, and…

The genesis of Sacred Art by Kim, is born!

Each painting is imbued with a positive energy and intention with the purpose of assisting the viewer to a higher vibration.

I am honoured to bring this art to you, and would love your support, and feedback, but being new to this – please be gentle with me!

I am searching and growing, but ultimately fumbling in the dark… as we all are.

Let us be each other’s Light!

Love Kim

PS: The lesson? Trust. Have Faith, and believe.

You CAN turn a girl who draws only stick figures into an artist!

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