Leah Fraser-Henderson

Leah Fraser-Henderson

Leah Fraser-Henderson


Address: 44 Vogel Street, Richmond, Chch 8013
Mobile: 021 386 746
Email: artistreeleah@gmail.com

I am an artist because of how it makes me feel. Sculpting is exhausting, difficult, nerve wracking and dangerous. All worth it: when I see the client’s eyes as it’s unveiled for the first time.
The clients give me a budget, a timeline and some guidance on subject: love, friendship, success, strength, etc. I do the drawings. If they are happy then we proceed. My top commission so far was $40,000 but normally priced between the $5,500 – $15,000 price range.

My works are on display at three hospitals, (North and South islands), city council park, St Margaret’s College, schools, a sister city in South Korea, businesses in both the private and public collections. Remember they will only increase in value as you enjoy them and pass them down through the generations.

I live to make creations your friends will be jealous of.

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