Mark Larsen

Mark Larsen

Mark Larsen


Address: Clarkville, Waimakariri (by appointment)
Phone: 027 527 7361

Multi-media art for Mark is a balance between creative instinct and technical skill. Mark works with a variety of opposing, yet complimentary mediums providing a balance of harmonious achievement and creative accomplishment.

Where Mark’s paintings portray meticulous realism, his sculptures take on a more fluid and contemporary form. Successful execution offers a strong sense of personal fulfilment, creating lifelong pleasure for both himself and the viewer.

Mark is mostly inspired by nature’s flora and fauna. He also takes stimulus from a range of artists including his 2nd great-grandfather, Samuel Horatio Moreton (1842-1921). Mark focuses attention on his interpretation of these visual stimuli and works to show an emotional connection within each of his art pieces.

Mark has achieved a number of awards for both his public and private art commissions, as well as within the sign-writing industry. Mark sells his artworks locally, nationally and internationally.

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