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McAtamney Gallery

Welcome to the McAtamney Gallery and Design Store. Our gallery houses a diverse collection of original New Zealand art and design. We offer modern, contemporary pieces from established artists, works by new and emerging artists and paintings sought-after in the secondary market. Landscapes, abstract, figurative and still life paintings printmaking and photography all grace our walls. Sculpture, ceramic, jewellery and some exceptional designer handbags and scarves are also part of the gallery experience. Contemporary artists currently represented in our gallery include Bernadette Parsons, Susanna Izard, Richard Bolton, Jessica Gunn, Rachel Dewhirst, Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc, Brent Forbes, Debra Fallowfield, Nachiko Takahashi and Simon Schollum. Artworks in our secondary market include works by Trevor Moffitt, Austen Deans, Marilyn Webb and Douglas Badcock, Michel Tuffery, Roddy McMillan These are increasingly sought-after by art collectors seeking high-quality work from a previous era. Exhibitions change regularly – about every six weeks new pieces are displayed. Located in the upstairs space of the Old Post Office Building on Talbot Street, Geraldine, the McAtamney Gallery is run by Carolyn McAtamney-Rasch and Andrew Rasch. Within this lovely historic building are individual exhibiting spaces: the Mail Room, The Box, Verde, and The Manse. Please contact us for further information on any of our artworks.

Gallery Hours:

Tue, Wed by appointment Thur until Mon 11 to 3.00pm Otherwise open by appointment, or any other time when signs out
Address 47 Talbot Street, Geraldine, South Canterbury, New Zealand
Phone 03 693 7292
Mobile 027 305 3000

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