Nikki Johnston

Nikki Johnston

Nikki Johnston


Mobile:  027 467 0052

2017 was my first year of exhibiting my work. I am a self taught artist, encouraged by my grandmother to really see the world around me and let it become part of my self-expression.

Following the 2011 earthquakes, so much good came out of such a difficult time. As buildings are restored and rebuilt, I feel we each have a small part to play in bringing life back into our city.

I thus feel extremely blessed to have received the gift of slate tiles from the Art Centre of Christchurch as it undergoes restoration. I am drawn to chalk as a medium on the slate as it allows the subject to blend with the inconsistencies of the weathered surface of the tile. I love the strength and elegance of the human form in motion and the capturing of light as it settles in an instant.

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