Rhonye McIlroy

Rhonye McIlroy

Rhonye McIlroy


Email rhonyemcilroyart@gmail.com
Address Mid Canterbury

A New Zealand multi-award-winning figurative Artist based in Mid Canterbury. Rhonye’s finely detailed acrylic works are held in private collections throughout New Zealand and Overseas.

Her background in the Europe and NZ fashion industry coupled with her passion for drawing figures and historic clothing has seen the tophat become her trademark in most paintings since 2011.

Her current series of increasingly popular works explores Rhonye’s ancestors “The Guard Family”, John (Jacky) and Elizabeth Guard, pioneers of New Zealand’s shore- based whaling industry in the Marlborough Sounds during the early 1800s. The Harriet Affair 1834, involving the Guard family is a fascinating piece of New Zealand History and has been referred to as one of the catalysts leading to
the signing of the Treaty.

New Zealand’s rich history will continue to be her inspiration for many more paintings.

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