Roseanne Jones

Roseanne Jones

Roseanne Jones


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Roseanne Jones is a kiwi artist born and raised in Christchurch and currently residing in Little River, Canterbury.

Roseanne completed her Bachelor of Design Degree in Photography in 2018. During her three years of study Roseanne won several photography awards and competitions including the Canon Eyecon competition and the IRIS NZIPP Student of the year.

While at study Roseanne developed her photography into a fine art. Textured digital photography, photo encaustic and wax mixed media are her chosen mediums. All works are photo based. Subjects vary from trees, seascapes, birds and horses,

Roseanne has been exploring Wax Mixed Media since the end of 2016. This medium gives her photography an added element of depth and texture. She uses a combination of photography, encaustic medium, cold wax and oil paint.

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