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Vivienne Bashford

Vivienne Bashford




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Address 22 Long Street, Woolston Christchurch
Phone 03 376 6320

Producing special treasures for special people I work on commission with kiln fired and furnaced glass windows and panels (up to 1.5x2metres) along with sculpture, utility ware, etc.

Having served a life long apprenticeship I am able to marry ancient technology with modern to produce both practical and decorative works.

Believing that the artists role in society is to challenge the viewer to think outside the square, my works often comment on social responsibility and/or celebrate the environment and life experience of people close to and around me.

Curator Julika Gotte of Germany nominated my work for the 2014 Palm Art Award and this began a journey I did not anticipate. I was fortunate that 3 of my kiln fired glass sculptures placed me in the role of nominee.

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